Family Businesses: challenges and opportunities

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Family businesses are the backbone of our economy and play an important role in society. They are precious resources for our wellness and they help our social life being environments of personal and professional fulfillment. Their strength lies in the passion and involvement of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial families, two group of people that ensure excellent results.


At the same time, this particular type of company combines both family and business aspects, generating unique dynamics and challenges. It is true that family businesses ensure excellence, but it is also true that these results appear only if there is harmony between family and business. In case of disharmony, the risk is not being able to give a future to the business and serenity to the family.


The first challenge is improving the quality of dialogues. In family businesses work, emotions, family and professionalism are mixed. Too much mismanaged emotional involvement leads to confrontations that turn into conflicts, hurt people and undermine relationships. Moreover, too much fear of ruining relationships leads to ignoring the decisions that have big impacts on the business.


In most cases entrepreneurs are not prepared to handle this. They often tell us that they need to talk about the typical issues of the family business in order to understand how they can learn to face these challenges.


We believe that every company is a unique and special case and that entrepreneurial families have the ability to decide in the best possible way for their future. All they need is a little help; help that can be realized in a chat with one of our Coach.


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Luca Marcolin

Author: Luca Marcolin